Turn Tips

For Longest Life:

  • Do not store TurnTabs in the hot trunk of a car, or in or near other heat sources such as an oven or radiator.  The plastic may lose its curl if held flat at elevated temperatures.
  • Keep the adhesive free from dust, fibers, hairs, and other contaminants.

 Attaching TurnTabs to Multiple Pages:

  • Stagger TurnTabs along the edges of the pages.  The next tab down will be the next page back.
  • If your music rack is high, try placing the first tab at the bottom and work your way up.
  • After sticking a TurnTab to a page, use it to pull the page up.  Then stick the next TurnTab to the next page.
  • Separate groups of pages with a sheet of paper that extends beyond the edge of the TurnTabs.  In front of the sheet will be, for instance, the first 8 tabs.  Behind it will be the second 8 tabs.  When you’re finished with the first 8, then remove the sheet to reveal the remaining pages.

Turntabs Staggered Down Right Margins

Turntabs Staggered Down Right Margins

Turning Pages:

  • When turning with your left hand, try grasping the TurnTab.  When turning with your right hand, try “scooping” under it.
  • Many things can “scoop” under the TurnTab: a stick, a little finger, or even the handle of a handbell may work for you.
  • To turn a page back, attach another TurnTab to the reverse side of the page.


  • Color coding different pieces of music will help you find the piece you want.
  • Write on  the textured side of TurnTabs with any of the following: pencil, ball point pen, gel pen, colored pencil, permanent marker, and India ink.  Pencil and erasable pen can be marked and erased multiple times.
  • Labeling the pages with rehearsal numbers, repeats, codas, or other notations will help you find the page you want.


  • The adhesive is repositionable.  You can move TurnTabs from page to page and volume to volume many times.  When not in use, reattach to the original shipping card.
  • The adhesive sticks well to smooth finish papers, such as bond, book, and music papers.  It sticks poorly to rougher papers, such as resume, parchment.


TurnTabs present a choking hazard.  Keep out of reach of children.


More TipsSee www.TurnTabs.com for more tips