The Perfect Gift

Every Performance is at Risk

No matter what instrument your musician plays, from pipe organ to voice, they have to turn pages.  It isn’t easy.  They must find the right page, separate it from others, and flip it – all in a fraction of a second!  When it doesn’t work, it threatens rest of the performance.  Even when it works, it’s a distraction that can create errors and reduce the quality of the performance.  In short, all those hundreds of hours of practicing can be destroyed in a moment, and that moment comes often.

Success – Every Time!

That’s why TurnTabs are the perfect gift!  Every page turn is so fast and sure it’s almost unconscious.  Your musician stays focused on the music and performs at her or his best.  By the way, page turners also make mistakes.  TurnTabs will help them turn to the right page quickly, every time, too.

Career Insurance

It takes thousands of dollars of lessons and music scores to get your musician to an audition or concert hall.  Doesn’t it make sense to spend a few dollars more to make sure every performance is the best possible, without distractions or risks?  Of course it does!

The Perfect Gift

TurnTabs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so you can be sure the recipient will thank you with every turn of the page.  Order yours today!