Handbell Ringers

If you’re a ringer, you have a special problem: how to turn pages while wearing gloves. TurnTabs are perfect for you, because they’re so easy to use.  You can peel them off the shipping card, stick them on the music, and turn pages easily all while wearing gloves.

When it comes to the page turn, the curl works like magic to let you grasp or scoop the page.  You can even turn the page with your little finger, a stick, or the bell handle itself.  No more fumbling around with paper clips, heavy clothespins, or dog-eared corners that fall off.

If the page turn is missed or slow, you throw yourself and the rest of the choir off.  For the price of a couple of cups of coffee, you can reduce your stress and know you’re doing your best for your choir.  They’ll also be impressed with your professionalism, because you care enough to get the best technology.  So do your choir and yourself the favor of buying TurnTabs.   Your colleagues are worth it … and so are you!