Don’t give up the joy of making music to the worry of turning pages!

Critical Activity

For musicians, page turning is a mission-critical activity.  It has to go well or your performance will suffer.  For instance, have you or your page turner ever:

  • lost their grip and missed the page turn?
  • turned to the wrong page?
  • taken too long to turn the page?
  • jarred or moved the music so far you have to hunt for your next measure?
  • thrown the music off the rack or stand?

Once you do this, don’t you worry before and during every other page turn?

Loss of Focus

When you think about an upcoming page turn, you’re not thinking about your music.  This is twice as true if you worry about an upcoming page turn.

These thoughts, anxieties, and distractions cause you to lose focus on your music.  You’re no longer in the flow and you can feel the difference.  When a page turn comes along, you’re losing some of the fun – the joy – of making music.

Loss of Confidence

If you have even the slightest anxiety over a page turn, you’ve lost some of your self-confidence.  After all, if your confidence was 100%, you wouldn’t feel any anxiety.

If a page turn ever goes badly, your self-confidence if lowered further.  It affects every other page turn in this piece, this performance, and probably the next several performances.

Don’t give up the joy of making music to the worry of turning pages.

Get TurnTabs!

  • Focus on your music more
  • Reduce your stress
  • Enjoy your music more
  • Move your performance up to a higher level
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Feel more professional
  • Gain greater appreciation from your audience
  • Spend more time perfecting your music and less time memorizing measures around the page turn

Turn to the Right Page

Label each page your way:

  • Mark TurnTabs with page numbers, rehearsal numbers, codas, repeats, musical notations, pictures, or any other way that helps you identify the page.
  • Write on TurnTabs with pencil, ball point pen, gel pen, colored pencil, permanent marker, india ink, and paint marker.  Write and erase pencil and erasable-pen markings multiple times.
  • Color-code pieces of sections.  Purchase TurnTabs with a variety of color stripes or add your own colors as described above.

Attach one TurnTab to each page:

  • Just peel it off the shipping card and stick it on the page so that it overhangs the edge.  When you grab or scoop the TurnTab, that’s the page you’ll turn to.  Whether its the next page, several pages ahead to the “Coda”, or back to a repeated section that’s where you’ll turn to – every time.
  • For multiple pages, stagger the TurnTabs along an exposed edge.  See the TurnTips page for more information and ideas.

Turn the Page Quickly and Easily

The TurnTab creates an easy target for you to see and the simple curl works like magic to let your finger, stick, or other device get behind the TurnTab.  With TurnTabs, one swoop does the job in a fraction of the time it takes you now.

It’s so easy and consistent, you can relax in the certainty that it will go well every time. Contrast that to finding the page you want, separating it from the others, grasping it, and only after all that, turning it.

Stay Focused and Confident

TurnTabs makes the page turn so fast and easy that you don’t have to think about it.  You can stay focused on interpreting your music instead of being distracted by the page turn.  Your performance will be that much better, your audience will enjoy it that much more, and you’ll have that much more fun.

You’re confident, because you know the turn will go well.  You’ll also feel more professional, because you have the latest and best technology.

Other Features:

  • The adhesive area is clear enough to read through, so you can still see those important notes you make in the margins.
  • The matte finish won’t reflect the glare of lighting, and makes it easy to see against all backgrounds, including black and white..
  • The wide adhesive area stays attached even after dozens of turns.
  • The adhesive is made by 3M™ and is re-positionable, just like the famous Post-It® notes.
  • The material won’t buckle under the weight of lifting multiple pages.
  • Unlike dog-eared corners, paper clips, clothespins, and other aids, TurnTabs won’t damage your score – an expensive musical investment.
  • The generous curve lets even large hands or other objects can get behind it.
  • TurnTabs are shipped on a heavy sheet pre-punched with holes to fit a 3-ring binder.


How much is your peace-of-mind and musical enjoyment worth to you?  It’s almost priceless, isn’t it?   And the price of missing a page turn or turning to the wrong page can be very high, can’t it?

Compare that to the cost of TurnTabs.  A single sheet of 10 costs less than a couple of cups of coffee or a few sheets of music.  By re-positioning and reusing the 10 TurnTabs, you’ll be able to attach them to dozens of pages, to be turned thousands of times.  When you look at it this way, their cost per use is so low that they’re almost free.

After all you’ve invested in time, lessons, and music scores, doesn’t it make sense to invest a little more to play your best all through the piece?  Why risk your peace of mind or the success of your next performance when there’s no risk in ordering a set of TurnTabs?  Invest in this stress-reducer now – you’re worth it!